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Debt Advisory

Debt Advisory

Bilateral and Syndicated Debt

As advisors, we help our clients raise debt through bilateral or syndicated arrangements and provide solutions covering:

  • Debt Structuring
  • Selection of Lead Managers
  • Distribution / Execution
Debt Capital Markets (Bonds / Sukuk)

We are dedicated to servicing the strategic financial and capital raising needs of our clients. We endeavour to provide a broad range of debt capital structures using our extensive experience of the financial markets.

Structured Financing and Securitisations

We offer a full range of services in the sphere of structured finance and asset securitisation. Through our ongoing engagements with a broad and diverse group of corporate and financial institutions, we constantly monitor the changing landscape of financial markets. We use this expertise to provide our clients with an overall view of the debt markets, to assess their capital base and recommend appropriate debt structures.

Mezzanine Debt (Subordinated Debt / Preferred Equity)

As part of our advisory services on acquisitions / leveraged buy-outs / private capital raising, we also facilitate corporate mezzanine financing, helping our clients with their desired debt structure and investment returns.

Off-Balance Sheet Financing

We also undertake to arrange off-balance sheet financing that aims to:

  • Lower the effect on clients' borrowing capacity
  • Realise a higher return on customers' assets
  • Maintain companies' financial ratios