We partnered with Dubai Cares to support primary education

We partnered with Dubai Cares to unveil a very limited miniature structure of the world’s tallest monument – The Burj Khalifa to support primary education of children in developing countries.

Dubai Cares Charity DIFC Walk

In order to raise money for Dubai Cares project for education in Haiti, we organised a DIFC Walk in 2010.

UNICEF Relief Somalia

We supported UNICEF Campaign of Relief efforts in famine hit Somalia by donating AED 250,000. The amount was collected through staff donations and topped up by the organisation.

Philippines Typhoon

We supported DIFC in their collection drive to support the victims of Typhoon Haiyan that hit Philippines in 2013 by donating blankets, towels, and daily grooming items towards the cause.

Wilayat of Mutrah

We pledged its support to the Social Development Committee of Wilayat of Mutrah to help achieve an improved lifestyle for the needy and to reduce their hardships by donating OMR 4,000 towards the cause.

Ramadan grooming kits

We launched a charity drive during the last week of Ramadan to provide grooming kits to the workers in the DIFC in partnership with a local organization - Flea4charity. We distributed 250 personal grooming / hygiene kits to the workers in the DIFC.

Dental awareness campaign

We partnered with the International Modern Hospital (IMH) to run a Dental Health Awareness campaign in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). The booth offered free check-up of the gums and teeth to the DIFC community.

Diabetes awareness campaign

We partnered with the International Modern Hospital/ Merck Serono to run a Diabetes Awareness Campaign in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). As part of the campaign, free BMI, blood glucose and blood pressure checkups were offered to the DIFC community.

Al Noor Smiles n Stuff Bazaar

During our annual sustainability Week, we set up a Smiles n Stuff Bazar to sell the items made by students of Al Noor.

Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs

We partnered with the Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs to publish calendars as well as New Year greetings. All artwork in the calendar has been painted by the students of Al Noor. All proceeds from this initiative were donated to the Al Noor Centre.

Association of welfare of handicapped in Muscat

We collaborated with the Association for the Welfare of the Handicapped in Muscat to organise a two hour activity with the kids and donated office appliances worth RO 5000.

Dubai Cares Charity

We have a long standing association with Dubai Cares and this partnership has resulted in us supporting several of their campaigns starting from their launch campaign in 2007. We were one of the first organisations in the DIFC to support the Dubai Cares campaign.