The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in partnership with Alpen Capital and Bank Sarasin-Alpen are running a week long campaign on Diabetes Awareness from 13th to 18th November. The campaign coincides with the International Diabetes Day on 14th November. The organisations have partnered with the International Modern Hospital and Merck Serono to set up a stall in the DIFC offering free check-ups including BMI, Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure to the DIFC community.

The purpose of the campaign is to alert the DIFC community on the growing number of people affected by Diabetes each day and to educate them on measures of preventing this ailment.

"Diabetes is a growing cause for concern in the UAE and with the DIFC now home to over 15,000 employees, it is now more important than ever for us to ensure that the necessary check-ups and preventative measures are implemented to ensure a healthy community. We fully support initiatives such as the Diabetes Awareness campaign by Alpen Capital and Bank Sarasin-Alpen, which we believe will benefit the overall lifestyle of all individuals within DIFC",says Roberta Calarese, Chief Legal Officer, Dubai International Financial Centre Authority

According to Sameena Ahmad, Managing Director Alpen Capital and Bank Sarasin-Alpen,"Every year we run a sustainability week for our employees providing them information on how they can impact the environment and lead a better lifestyle. This year we got this wonderful opportunity to partner with the DIFC and the International Modern Hospital to spread this message to a larger audience and create awareness among the DIFC community on fighting diabetes and helping them diagnose this ailment".

"More than 371 million people are living with diabetes worldwide today, a number that is expected to rise to 552 million in less than 20 year's time as per global statistics. Therefore it’s a collective social responsibility to encourage people to take a bold step to fight against this epidemic disease. Such initiatives play a pivotal role in generating awareness which is aimed at reducing one’s individual risk of developing diabetes. We’re proud to associate with Merck Serono along with other strategic partners to actively promote this year’s theme which is "DIABETES: PROTECH OUR FUTURE", says Girish Sabari, Asst. Director - Marketing, International Modern Hospital.