Alpen Asset Advisors Limited, the newly created Independent Financial Advisory and Asset Management Company is incorporated in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). Alpen Asset Advisors will service high net worth individuals and institutions in the Middle East and South Asia.

Alpen Asset Advisors uses an open architecture model offering a broad spectrum of investment opportunities in order to ensure an optimum and cost effective asset allocation for clients. In addition to the standard offering, it specialises in arranging for leverage on equity/debt portfolios to enhance yield. It also devises and provides Sharia compliant solutions and yield enhancing products like internally leveraged funds. Its asset management capabilities include creating segregated Fund Vehicles tailored to client's investment needs.

Alpen Asset Advisors is an associate of the Investment Bank, Alpen Capital which has an extensive presence in the GCC and India. Over the last ten years, Alpen Capital has worked with some of the largest business conglomerates and families and promoted cross border opportunities focusing on the GCC-India corridor.

"There is a growing demand for yield enhancing solutions in the GCC and India. Alpen Asset Advisors's differentiator is that we provide attractive funding solutions to clients in this competitive environment. I am confident that the asset management services of Alpen Asset Advisors will complement the existing investment banking offering of Alpen Capital in the region." says Rohit Walia, Executive Chairman, Alpen Asset Advisors Limited and Alpen Capital