November 2013

Alpen Capital announces the publication of its fourth industry report for the year highlighting the favourable factors that make GCC an ideal investment destination for Indian investors. As Alpen Capital focuses on business opportunities that exist between the GCC–India corridor, the report outlines several characteristics of the region that makes it attractive to Indian companies.

According to the report, GCC offers strategic advantages, such as availability of cheap energy and feedstock supply, low tax environment, well-developed infrastructure, growing population and increasing income levels, conducive for the development of various industries in the region. All these advantages if properly showcased could attract substantial investment flows from Indian corporates, who are looking to expand their global footprints and scouting for distinctive cost advantages to remain globally competitive.

The report also includes quotes from Indian conglomerates who have established a presence in the GCC as well as companies in GCC who are looking to India as an investment destination.

For more details please click here to access the research paper.